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Welcome to “your” personal farm for Pure, Fresh & organic products Today physical and mental health is the first priority for everyone and every age group all over the world! We FRESH & REAL assure that our organic products such as Cow milk, Cow Ghee, and Indian spices must be pure, fresh and adulteration-free in all-natural forms. We are committed and a responsible brand for producing cow milk in-house with 200+ cows in 35acres of farm facility. Fresh & Real also makes sure that there is “no outside milk collection “to maintain 100% purity. Fresh&Real is procuring all the Indian spices raw material directly from the farmers and cut down all the possibilities of any unnatural mixing or adulteration in your daily cooking items. Fresh&Real cow milk produced from large Hi-Tech farms where milk quality means farm hygiene, cattle comfort, feed quality, automated milking process, and a comprehensive testing process.


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A-25, RK Puram, 200ft. Delhi By-Pass, Ajmer Road, Jaipur-302 021, Rajasthan (India) - Jaipur , Jaipur - 302021 ( Rajasthan) India

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