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We focused on providing Premium quality Car Wash, Dry clean, Denting & Painting, Oil Filter, Wheel Alignment, Wheel Balancing, Wheel Care, Part Repairs, Electrical & AC Con Services. We will take care of your car needs especially the latest line of four-wheel automobiles available in the market. We have fully equipped with the latest garage & Body shop equipment on par with any major automobile dealer, we offer various services like Body repair/ Maintenance of automobiles/ Car Washing/ Car Grooming/ Car Detailing/ Denting & Painting & any other specific needs pertaining to your car maintenance. We have highly experienced and trained technicians to handle your prized possession with utmost care. How OXO Care Work Register Online For Free Select a Service or Service Center Request For Verified Valet Pick up and drop Approve Estimate and Pay Online via secure Channels Enjoy Your Fresh n Well Maintained Car


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502-503, Symphony Pride, Kings Road, Nirman Nagar, Jaipur - Jaipur , Jaipur - 302019 ( Rajasthan) India

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